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Spencer was three years old when he was taken away from his mom. For two years he lived in a foster home and saw his mom only at PB&J Family Services. Four times a week, the PB&J van would pick up Spencer from his foster home and take him to PB&J’s South Valley facility. He would run off the van into the arms of his mother and spend the next two and one-half hours with her and PB&J counselors in the therapeutic preschool. When Spencer was taken from his mother, the young woman was homeless, in an abusive relationship, and had very little self-esteem. In addition to her own counseling to help her heal from significant past trauma, PB&J staff gave Spencer’s mom job skill training, budgeting information, nutrition classes and, of course, parenting education. Today, Spencer’s mom is attending CNM, managing her new home, and caring for her three children. During a recent visit to PB&J to say hello she said, “To be totally honest, I didn’t think I could do it. My son was in danger, I was feeling guilty. I just wanted to die. Life is really different now. I am in school and so are all of my kids. We’re all doing well. We have food in our fridge and everyone sleeps through the night without nightmares.”

Growing up is never easy...

It's particularly difficult for a child in a family where challenges such as mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, domestic violence, or parental incarceration may be present. Too often, child abuse and neglect are the byproducts of these problems and threaten the safety of the children in the family and sometimes the very existence of the family itself. The parent-child relationship represents one of the most fundamental and primary connections shaping an individual's life. PB&J strengthens this vital relationship by working with the family as a unit, as well as individual family members. PB&J helps families collectively and individually to develop the skills they need to become effective family members, foster healthy development and promote healthy functioning within the community. To access services or become involved as a volunteer at PB&J Family Services please call or email (505) 877-7060 or info@pbjfamilyservices.org. Families are served at locations in the South Valley and Bernalillo.

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