Advocate – a Program that Provides Free Advertising Services to Nonprofits

A group of advertising and media professionals have created an opportunity for nonprofits - They will pick one nonprofit a year and provide the creative and the media time to promote that organization for a full year. This is a significant opportunity with significant value. If you have always wanted professional assistance in this area and did not have the budget to make it happen, you may want to complete the online application.


Non-profit organizations are advocates for the greater good. But who are their advocates? Where can they turn for help when they need a brand, an identity or an advertising campaign? All non-profits need to communicate. However, most simply can’t afford to hire an advertising agency or place ads. That’s why a team of professionals have created Advocate – a program that provides free advertising services to non-profits. Each year, Advocate selects one non-profit organization that needs help. Doing this allows the marketing partners to effectively focus attention on developing a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy that best meets that non-profit’s goals and objectives. Each non-profit that is selected to participate in the program receives free creative services and free media placements from some of the largest media channels in New Mexico. But your non-profit gets more than just free advertising, it gets an advocate.  Applications are due February 12, 2022.  Learn more:

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