Board Member/Accounting,Bookkeeping,Budgeting

Position Information
Casas de Vida Nueva - (AKA: CVN)
Agency Description: 
501(c)3,nonprofit. Vision is to assist persons with mental health needs through a comprehensive set of programs in a sustainable therapeutic farm community where they will live, receive treatment,have opportunity to work, learn, and share in a safe, caring, culturally responsible, and sustainable environment.
Position Description: 
Board of Directors Member. Serve 3 year term and provide experience, knowledge, and particapation in the areas of expertise in the position title as well as contribute to the other functions of a voting Member of the Board.
Additional volunteers are needed to add diversity, passion, energy, social influence, talent, and experience to our Board of Directors. Attend 2 hour monthly Board meeting, participate in two annual fund raising events, serve on committees. Detailed expectations are in our "Folder for Prospective Board Members" which is available upon request.
Contact Information
Charlotte W. Back, President/Founder
Casas de Vida Nueva (CVN)
8135 Florence N.E.
New Mexico
(505) 298-5998
(505) 298-5998
Email Address:
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