Census 2010: Stand Up and Be Counted, Urge Others to Do the Same

April 1st is National Census Day.

By the middle of this month, census forms will be showing up in mailboxes throughout the country giving individuals the opportunity to be counted. Nonprofits have a stake in making sure every person completes and sends in the Census form. Nearly $377 billion dollars are allocated based on census numbers. This federal funding goes to programs such as heating assistance, childcare, and the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Nonprofits are often an important point of contact for individuals who are likely to be missed by the Census. Visit Nonprofits Count (www.nonprofitscount.org), an initiative of the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network, for more information and useful resources.

The 2010 Census, which begins on April 1, will produce the population count for thousands of funding and policy decisions that impact states and communities throughout the country. Nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to assist in alerting their constituencies of the importance of ensuring that every single person in the country is counted.

Why It Matters to Nonprofits
An increased head count means a community will get more funds. Conversely, a lower head count means a community will lose revenues from governments. That is the real driver in nonprofits getting involved: they know the people they serve will be hurt by any undercounting that occurs.

The U.S. Census Bureau will commence the 2010 Census on April 1 with the goal of counting every person currently residing in the United States.

• Nonprofits Count, an initiative of the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network, seeks to empower nonprofits to engage their membership around the Census (www.nonprofitscount.org)
• The Census Bureau has revamped its website in advance of the Census and has many resources available (http://2010.census.gov/2010census/)


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