Summit to End Child Homelessness - March 25-26, 2010

The people in the United States have a big heart. We are known for coming to the aid of other countries, especially when it concerns children. The earthquake in Haiti left 1.3 million children homeless. Our hearts went out to the children and a tremendous relief effort was launched by the United States. But did you know that there is another country facing a major crisis regarding homeless children? This country has 1.5 million children that are homeless. The country is the United States. Yes, here in our own communities, in our cities and states, we have homeless children.

In New Mexico we have identified over 10,000 homeless children and I stress the word "identified" because we are certain that there are homeless children that we were not able to find. So the total number is much higher and the crisis more severe.

In a recent major study conducted by the National Center on Family Homelessness, New Mexico ranked 47th out of 50 (with 50 being the worst) in how we address the needs of children and their families experiencing homelessness.

The negative impact of homelessness on children is tremendous.
Homeless children have:
• Four times the rate of developmental delays
• Two times the rate of learning disabilities
• Three times the rate of emotional and behavioral problems
• Two times the rate of respiratory infections
• Six times the risk of stunted growth
• Seven time the risk of anemia

Homelessness affects school performance
• 41% of homeless children attend two or more schools in one year
• 28% attend three or more schools in one year
• 75% of homeless children test below grade level in reading
• 54% of homeless children test below grade level in math

Be part of creating the vision to eradicate child homelessness in New Mexico!

Please join us on March 25 and 26, 2010, for the 2010 Summit to End Child Homelessness, organized by the New Mexico Campaign to End Child Homelessness.

Homeless service providers, children's advocates, community leaders, and state and elected officials will come together to specifically address the issue facing New Mexico's most vulnerable population - homeless children. The Summit will include opportunities to strategize about how to end child homelessness, keynote speakers from the national and state level, skill building workshops, and panel discussions with families who are formerly or currently experiencing homelessness.

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