The NonProfit Times 2010 Salary and Benefits Survey

The Nonprofit Times and Bluewater Nonprofit Solutions seek your input on the nonprofit salary survey. 

The nonprofit salary survey results and subsequent report will provide comprehensive information needed to make key hiring and employment decisions during these difficult economic times.  Plus, information that can be used to save money on salary and benefit costs.

How can the survey help your nonrpofit organization?
• Get current salary and bonus pay data on 300 + nonprofit jobs from entry-level to the executive office.
• Find comparable data to satisfy the IRS Form 990 reporting requirements for an organization's chief executive and other top positions.
• Gain access to trend data showing important changes over the past year in position salaries, staffing levels, benefit costs, employee turnover, and dozens of other areas.
• Discover what special benefits are being offered to 15 executive level positions.
• Compare the organization's salary and benefits practices against similar nonprofit organizations by budget size, location, field of work, and number of employees.

Who Can Participate?  Participation is open to all sizes and types of nonprofits - from a one-person staff to nationwide organizations. Nonprofits must have at least one full-time employee who works 30 hours or more to participate. 

 Win an iPod touch!  All organizations that complete the survey will receive a FREE executive summary of the results. Complete the survey by April 30, 2022 and have a chance to win a free iPod Touch.

Complete the survey:

i am trying to find out the salary ranges for executive directors of non profits in new mexico. i am on the board of the albuquerque partnership and we would like our e.d. to get a fair salary but have no clue as to what that would be.
can u direct me to find out this info

Yes, we have a copy of the New Mexico Non-Profit 2008 Wage Survey. Please contact us with your email address and we can send it to you.

Please send me a copy of ypour 2008 New Mexico Non-Proit Salary Survey for Executive Director

Please contact me with your email address and I will send the 2008 report.

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