Study Finds Millions in Funding for Nonhealth-related Organizations in the New Health Reform Act

While many believe that the billions in the recently passed Healthcare Reform Act are just for healthcare, one of the best kept secrets in Washington is that the legislation channels millions in funding to other areas of vital interest to other nonprofits, tribes and local governments.  This includes, but is not limited to, funding for social services, senior programs, services for low-income families, funding for disabilities and much more.  The analysis, by staff with online grant news services Communtiy Health Funding Report and Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor, uncovered many opportunities in the 2500 page legislation that nonprofits that are not health related can pursue.

For more details on the many nonhealth related funding opportunities in the legislation that nonprofits and local governments can tap, a special teleconference on “Finding and Winning Hidden Funding Opportunities in the New Health Reform Act” is being held Thursday, May 20, from 2 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

The teleconference, sponsored by CD Publications' grants analysts Ray Sweeney and Frank Klimko, senior editors of Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor and Children & Youth Funding Report, will guide listeners through the many grant possibilities in the legislation, with a unique, Washington insider's perspective on where the money is and how tap it.

To register or learn more about the conference, simply click on the following link:   Or call us toll-free at 800-666-6380.  Registration is open until all lines are filled, but space is limited and on a first-come basis.

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