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Pathways: Wildlife Corridors of New Mexico
Agency Description: 
We identify and protect wildlife corridors in New Mexico by educating and training the general public in awareness, hands-on skills, and practical steps they can take to maintain and improve the health of the state's major wildlife corridors/connectivity.
Position Description: 
Board Member at large to help with various programs, fundraising, administration, and membership as needed.
We expect our board members to be active participants in Pathways programs, administration and fundraising events. Also a working knowledge and familiarity with our vision and mission with an ability to communicate it to the public is expected. Meeting at least once per month with committee or board members, and a time commitment of approx. 2 hrs. per week on average.
Contact Information
Callen Peter
P.O. Box 305
New Mexico
(505) 867-5100
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