Director of Communications and Public Affairs (Marketing)

Job Description
How to Apply: 
E-mail resume and cover letter to
Main Areas of Responsibility: 
Develop communications strategies; Develop social media strategies; Manage newsletters, brochures, press releases, website and annual reports; Submit three proposals per year for funding; Forge new relationships to increase Alta Mira's visibility and financial support; Define key stakeholder groups and develop targeted communications for each group;
Additional Areas of Responsibility: 
Identify key media and public policy issues that may be leveraged to support Alta Mira work; Establish contact with the local news and print media and submit timely information concerning Alta Mira programs.
Contact Information
Jim Copeland
Alta Mira Specialized Family Services
1605 Carlisle Blvd. NE
New Mexico
Business Phone: 
Business Fax: 
Email Address:

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