How to Build a Culture of Innovation

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Thu, 02/17/2011 - 11:30am - 1:00pm
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New Mexico American Marketing Association
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It seems that you can't read anything about business today without seeing the word "innovation," and typically what has been written is either to simplified or too complex.  Glenn Karwoski has been teaching creative process and innovation for 15 years at the University of St. Thomas and has been practicing what he teaches at the consulting agency, The Business of Ideas.  Glenn's presentation, "Where are your next great ideas coming from?" details the most critical elements that an organization has to have in order to be innovative; how to maintain a culture of innovation; how to generate ideas beyond your typical brainstorm; and how to sell your ideas.

Glenn Karwoski is the founder, senior vice president and managing director of The Business of Ideas and Karwoski & Courage Public Relations (part of Martin Williams, Inc., Omnicom Group).  Glenn has more than 30 years of communications experience with expertise in creative idea generation and training, as well as marketing-based advertising and public relations programs.  Karwoski has developed marketing programs for a variety of Fortune 500 companies.  Glenn's work in creativity and innovation includes organizational development, employee training and custom idea generation.  Karwoski has been teaching creativity and innovation for 15 years in the Graduate School of Business and in the School of Entrepeneurship at the University of St. Thomas.

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The Hotel Albuquerque, 800 Rio Grande NW
New Mexico
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