How to Think Like a Donor

How well does your nonprofit stand out from all the other nonprofits doing good work in the community?  Learn how to differentiate your organization from the plethora of other organizations seeking funding to improve donations from targeted groups.  Learn how to create messaging that resonates with the emotions of individual donors and compels them to give.

Facebook and Pinterest have grown exponentially because they always think about the values and benefits their customers seek.  You, too, can grow your donations by learning what donors want.  Putting yourself in the shoes of the donor will help you succeed despite the challenging economic times.

You will leave the workshop with actionable ideas that you can begin using as soon as you get back to your office.

Learning Objectives
- Understand the concepts of differentiation and competitive advantage
- Develop at least 2 differentiators and 1 competitive advantage for your organization
- Deveop at least 1 messaging statement that expresses the differentiators and the advantage in a manner that impacts emotions of a donor

Intermediate: for fundraisers, board members and executive directors seeking to connect with donors to promote the work of their organizations and increase donations.

Dan Sandweiss is president of NM Strategic Marketing.  He holds an MBS from UCLA and has 12 years experience in marketing.  In addition, Mr. Sandweiss has a record of success raising moeny as a volunteer for local nonprofit organizations.

April 10th, 2012 11:00 AM   through   1:00 PM
Center for Nonprofit Excellence, United Way of Central New Mexico
2340 Alamo SE, 2nd Floor
Albuquerque, NM 87106
United States
Phone: 505-247-3671
Fee $ 20.00



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