Consultant Directory

The following listing provides information on area consultants who have already or are willing to provide at least one volunteer opportunity to a nonprofit agency located in Central New Mexico. We encourage you to interview consultants and to check references-just as you would when hiring someone to join your staff. Please contact consultants for more information.

To aid in the choosing of a consultant for your specific needs is a listing of articles to consider reading:

Disclaimer: Any reference from this site to a consultant does not constitute or imply an endorsement by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence-CNPE.

Name and Contact Information
Areas of Focus
Ashley Lawrence, MBA
Business Etiquette, Community Outreach, Fundraising Coaching
Jean Block Consulting, Inc.
Board Development, Board Governance, Fundraising, General Nonprofit Management

Collaboration$ Consulting
Pamela Chavez

Strategic Planning, Board Development, Sustainable Fundraising, Social Enterprise, Special Event Planning
Website Services, Database Services, Technology Training, Specializing in Nonprofits and Small Businesses
The Grant Plant
Grant Writing and Resource Development in: arts, economic development, education, health, and youth programs.
GrantWriting Consulting Services, LLC
Grant Research and Proposal Writing, Proposal Reviews and Editing, foundation proposals, government proposals
Group Harmonics
Hiring and Staffing Plans, Specific Job Responsibilities, Interview Plans and Screening Criteria, Individual Integration and Trainings Plans and Activities, Management and Leadership Development Programs, Team Improvement Strategies and Teambuilding Programs, Assessment and Measurement Programs, Human Risk Mitigation Plans, Secession Plans
Jan Hosea & Associates
Coaching, Facilitation, Methodologies of Fundraising, Resource Development, Organizational Infrastructure, Staff and Volunteer Strategic Planning, Visioning Workshops
Human Resources by Mary Rutland, LLC
HR Handbooks, Policies and Procedures, Interview, Performance Appraisal training, Job Training Incentive Programs writer
Dr. Suzanne Kryder, Ph.D.
Assessment and Surveys, Executive Director Leadership Support & Coaching, Meeting and Retreat Facilitation, Training and Coaching on Leadership and Communication, and Specializes in removing the dread and delay from difficult conversations with employees, board members and peers
Jennifer Lowe Consulting
Special Events, Fundraising (annual giving, endowment and specialty campaigns), Development Plans and Board Development
Michael Michalski
Board Development, Strategic Planning, Specializing in, but not limited to: Economic Development
Labor Law, Unemployment, Employee Relations, Training and Development, including anti-harassment
Sage Transitions, LLC
Counsel to Nonprofits in Transition, Turning Around Unsuccessful Nonprofits, Interim Executive Director Services, Executive Director Recruitment Services, Applicant Screening and Interview Assistance, Legal Compliance Audits, Agency and Program Audits, Program Outcomes & Evaluation, Benchmarking, Grant Writing
Social Enterprise Ventures, LLC
Jean Block
Social Enterprise, Earned Income, Marketing, Sales Planning, Business Planning

Social Profit Consulting

Fundraising, Marketing, Volunteer & Board Development
Taylor Consulting
Strategic Planning, Performance Management, Industry and Business Analysis, Growth/Transformation Consulting, Strategic Communications, Leadership Development
The Write Choice Network
Strategic Resource Development, Strategic Communication, Organizational Development, Social Enterprise