Treasurer, Board Member

Position Information
Laughing Eyes Kennels
Agency Description: 
LEK breeds and trains service dogs for persons with mobility and psychiatric disabilities. It is a New Mexico nonprofit corporation, approved by the IRS as a 501c3. Laughing Eyes Kennels located on 8 mountain acres in Nogal, NM (near Ruidoso).
Position Description: 
As Treasurer, maintain books and accounts, assist with tax preparation, make financial reports to the Board. Subject to bonding at the discretion of the Board. As Board member, attend annual board meeting and other meetings that may be called by the Chairman. Attendance can be by telephone.
Expectations - to include meeting schedules and information on fundraising and committee work: 
Conference calls and email are acceptable means of participation if in person meetings are difficult. Fundraising and committee work is welcome but not required. Emphasis is on assisting the corporation in maintaining appropriate financial records, and compliance with financial and tax reporting.
Contact Information
Taryn McCain, Corporate Secretary and Board Member
Laughing Eyes Kennels
201 Nogal Canyon Road
New Mexico
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