General Board Member

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Sawmill Community Land Trust
Agency Description: 
The Sawmill Community Land Trust is a community based development corporation whose principle purpose is to promote community ownership, long term affordability and economic opportunity through the community land trust model. SCLT is reclaiming 27 acres of neglected industrial land and developing it into a revitalized, livable community.
Position Description: 
The General Board Member shall carry out the purpose of the Corporation, implement the decisions of the Regular membership, and be responsible for the general management of the affairs of the Corporation in accordance with its Bylaws. Members are responsible for the planning, organization and financial aspects of the Corporation.
Expectations - to include meeting schedules and information on fundraising and committee work: 
Meetings are on the second Thursday of each month. Members are asked to participate in one community event every quarter. Events include: annual parades, picnics, carnivals and environmental conservation projects. Members are encouraged to join one committee and become a member of SCLT and pay dues of $10.00 per year.
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Steve Kinberger
Sawmill Community Land Trust
PO Box 25181
New Mexico
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