Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles

Mission: To build the capacity of nonprofits.

Vision: We envision passionate philanthropists partnering with excellent nonprofits to provide extraordinary services in our state.


  • Create a Resource Center that promotes excellence in nonprofit service delivery.
  • Strengthen collaborations in our community between the business and nonprofit sectors and within the nonprofit sector.
  • Support and educate donors regarding the nonprofit community.
  • Provide resources and tools to assist the management and effectiveness of nonprofits.
  • Support agencies with contingency issues identified by funders.

Core Values:

  • We support nonprofits to enable them to achieve excellence.
  • We scan the nonprofit environment and react responsively and flexibly as needed.
  • We commit to developing and demonstrating supportive relationships to promote collaboration, build capacity and avoid the duplication of services.
  • We commit to high quality, prompt and efficient services and resources that will make these goals attainable.
  • We commit to honoring and empowering donor money, time and talent to provide the highest quality services possible.
  • We embody standards in philanthropy and service delivery and promote them in our community.

CNPE is guided by a Community Advisory Board made up of community leaders

Vision, Mission and Values adopted 8/05, revised 1/07.