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New Mexico Nonprofit Consultants Directory

This is a directory of consultants and service providers serving nonprofit organizations in New Mexico. Nonprofits in need of expert support or services can identify and connect with consultants or service providers. Consultants can promote the services they offer nonprofits in New Mexico.

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Consultants found: 19

Consultantsort icon Areas of Expertise Geographic Service Area Provides Training and/or Facilitation Additional Languages Spoken
HUB International Insurance Services Insurance Statewide, National No
Collaborative Solutions Consulting (CSC) Board Development, Collaboration, Evaluation, Program Development, Strategic Planning Statewide, Regional, National Yes
Schlenker & Cantwell, P.A. Accounting - Bookkeeping, Auditing, Board Development Statewide, National No Spanish
Aloisio & Jones Consultants Collaboration, Communications, Marketing, Fundraising, Grantwriting, Program Development, Strategic Planning National, Statewide, Regional Yes Spanish
SmartMarketing Communications, LLC Board Development, Collaboration, Communications, Marketing, Event Management, Strategic Planning National Yes
Collective Action Strategies. LLC Strategic Planning, Program Development, Collaboration, Communications, Marketing, Evaluation Statewide, National Yes Spanish
Jackie Virgint, Ph.D. Evaluation, Fundraising, Grantwriting, Strategic Planning Statewide Yes
Fund Builders Alliance-New Mexico Board Development, Communications, Marketing, Event Management, Fundraising, Grantwriting, Strategic Planning Regional Yes Spanish
Gift Planning Associates Board Development, Communications, Marketing, Evaluation, Fundraising, Grantwriting Statewide, Regional, National Yes Spanish
Decision Resources, Inc. Collaboration, Board Development, Strategic Planning, Program Development, Human Resources Statewide, Regional Yes

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