Action Needed on State Budget

The Legislative Finance Committee will be meeting soon to make adjustments to the budget for the fiscal year starting July 1. New Mexico is facing a deficit of at least $2 billion, and the state must balance the budget. Join with New Mexico Thrives to tell the Legislative Finance Committee that now is not the time to cut funding to programs and services.

Lobbyists are working to protect their clients. If legislators don't hear from you, your concerns will get lost among all the other requests. Remind your Representative and Senator that your organization benefits the community and their constituents.

Read this letter to New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee and add your organization's name by May 8 to tell the Legislative Finance Committee not to cut funding for programs and services​. You can also send this message as a mass Action Alert to your networks; copy the letter and send it from your organization to your State Representative and Senator (find your legislator); and let your State Representative and Senator know how the pandemic affected your organization, and how cuts to the state budget would impact your programs and their constituents.

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