CNPE Announces Partnership with New Mexico Association of Grantmakers

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE) and the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (NMAG) announced Wednesday, November 13th that the two organizations would be joining forces as one entity to expand services for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector in New Mexico.

“By coming together, we plan to advance leading best practices in the sector for both funders and nonprofit agencies, promote systemic collaboration and learn to help nonprofits and funders increase their impact and realize economies of scale,” Annmarie McLaughlin, Director of Community Programs, Santa Fe Community Foundation and NMAG Board of Directors Chair said.

The announcement came during NMAG’s annual conference and membership meeting, where attendees also heard about the economic impact of the nonprofit sector in New Mexico and how America’s nonprofits strengthen communities and improve lives. The keynote presentation was given by Tim Delaney, President and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits.

The NMAG/CNPE collaboration came after many years of discussion and recent research that explored ways to strengthen New Mexico’s nonprofit sector.

“We’re extremely excited about this partnership and opportunity for these two organizations coming together,” Angelo Gonzales, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer at the United Way of Central New Mexico said. “We think that the services of both NMAG and CNPE really fit well together and that both are going to work to serve both the funders and the broader nonprofit community to fulfill their missions.”

The partnership is still in the beginning stages, and the organization plans to complete their funding and business plans over the next few months. They expect to launch the partnership in early 2020.

“The NMAG team has been working on a strategic plan to increase our impact and value to New Mexico funders and nonprofits, and combining forces with CNPE is the right next step for us to bring a greater diversity of programming statewide,” said Cathy Frey, Executive Director of  NMAG.

“We are very pleased to have the support of the NMAG board of directors, The United Way of Central New Mexico, and our own CNPE Advisory Board and wish to thank them for their help and guidance as we evaluated our options,” said Larry Alei, Interim Director of CNPE.

About CNPE

Since 2006, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence has provided technical assistance, training, communication services, and referrals to assist New Mexico nonprofits in meeting their missions. In 2018, CNPE created the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide to help nonprofits understand legal requirements and best practices across 12 critical competencies for successful nonprofit management.

About NMAG

Founded in 1991, the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (NMAG) is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and impact of organized philanthropy throughout the state. NMAG is a regional membership association that aims to build the voice, effectiveness, and impact of the sector through educational programs, research and resources with networking opportunities for grantmakers and nonprofits throughout New Mexico.

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