Health Impact Assessment, Accepting Applications - Deadline, Sept 30

In practice, a Health Impact Assessment is a useful way to:

  • Ensure that health and health disparities are considered in decision making by using an objective and scientific approach
  • Engage stakeholders in the process

Health Impact Assessment - Fact Sheet
Health Impact Assessment – Screening Form

An HIA is combination of procedures, methods and tools that systematically judge the potential, and sometimes unintended effects of a proposed project, plan or policy on the health of a population and the distribution of those effects within the population. HIA identifies appropriate actions to manage those effects.

The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership (NMHEP) through the Santa Fe Community Foundation is working with Human Impact Partners to strengthen the capacity of community members to use Health Impact Assessment in rural and tribal areas of New Mexico.  
During 2015/2016, the NMHEP will support a total of 3 Health Impact Assessments in rural and tribal areas of the state. It is our hope that each Health Impact Assessment will take place in a different region. We are currently accepting applications

What the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership will provide:

• Training in Health Impact Assessment
• Ongoing technical assistance from local technical assistance providers
• Up to $35,000 to support approved project expenses / Match of $35,000 in funding is strongly encouraged

Application Process:

To solicit ideas for Health Impact Assessment, the NMHEP team is asking applicants to complete the application form. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until September 30, 2015.  Applicants will be contacted shortly after receiving the application to discuss what was submitted and if additional materials are required. 
It is strongly encouraged that all applications be submtted by September 15, 2021 for consideration.

HIA in New Mexico 

The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership is working in collaboration with Human Impact Partners and PLACE MATTERS teams, health councils and community groups to conduct HIAs throughout New Mexico. Local HIA teams work with community members to make a judgment about how a proposed plan or policy will affect health. HIA takes into consideration the current health status of a community, predicts how this will change if a proposed plan or policy is implemented and provides recommendations based on community knowledge, stories and quantitative data to inform and improve decision making processes. Current HIA topics focus on the impacts of: trails, uranium mining, supportive housing, reintegration center, community development block grant funds, C02 pipeline, and the Sunport Boulevard Extension.


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