Tell Congress: Include Urgent Nonprofit Policy Priorities in COVID-19 Legislation

Sign On By July 10

Congress is expected to pass its last piece of COVID-19 legislation this month. It is urgent that nonprofits tell the House and Senate to include nonprofit policy solutions in the final package. Help ensure that federal lawmakers insert these bipartisan solutions in the legislation by signing your organization’s name onto the new Nonprofit Community Letter to congressional leaders.
A letter is now open for all charitable nonprofit organizations throughout the country to sign. This letter identifies remaining problems and fresh, bipartisan solutions in four distinct areas:

  • Continue Emergency Funding Programs, including improvements to the Paycheck Protection Program, creation of a nonprofit jobs-expansion program, and funding for community support grants programs that enable nonprofits to serve vulnerable populations.
  • Provide Low-Cost Loans to Mid-Size and Larger Nonprofits that have been left out of and not able to access government funding.
  • Strengthen Charitable Giving Incentives by expanding the incentives to all taxpayers, not just itemizers, via an above-the-line or universal charitable deduction of one-third of the standard deduction.
  • Provide Full Unemployment Benefit Reimbursement benefits paid to laid off or furloughed employees of self-insured or reimbursing nonprofit employers.

Please join charitable nonprofits of all missions, sizes, and states across the country by signing onto this urgent letter urging Congress to include these policy priorities in the COVID-19 economic stimulus bill that lawmakers are negotiating now to pass by the end of July. The deadline for signing the letter is close of business, Friday, July 10, 2020.


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