What Happens at a Major Donor Visit?

1. Welcome and Hello
-Chit chat with donor

2. Review the agenda and check how long you have

3. Tell your story
-How and why did you get involved? Speak from the heart

4. Build relationship with donor and get them talking about the organization and issues
-What inspired you to join our organization?
-What do you like most about the organization?
-What other organizations do you support?
-What races have you been following?
-What environmental issues do you care most about?

5. Build your case
-Problem statement and story
-Solution statement and story
-Urgency: why give more now

6. Ask for support
-Build momentum into the ask
-Ask for a specific amount
-Ask and stop talking. Wait for the response

7. If the response is not “yes!”, then check in with your donor
-Ask open ended questions and address questions or concerns
-Budget. Explain why you need a pledge today
-Re-build your case for giving, speak to the donor interest
-Dollar amount. Ask again or set follow up steps

8. Work with the donor to determine how much they will give by when
-Secure a pledge and have donor fill out pledge card or set specific follow up date

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