You can market without fundraising, but you can’t fundraise without marketing

The following is an excerpt taken from the Mindful Fundraising Resource Guide & Workbook.
Rubina Cohen of the marketing and communications firm Firefly Strategies wisely suggests replacing the typical recommendation of focusing on the four Ps of marketing (price, place, product, promotion) with something simple and effective. The four Cs are a new, less complicated, and less chaotic approach to marketing that ties in nicely with the Mindful Fundraising approach. The four Cs include:
  • Connection – People crave connection. It starts with a great program or service but ultimately ends with connection. Connection to the mission, connection to the results, connection to the people working in the organization. Figure out all of your target audiences then plan ways to connect with them. If they connect with your organization and/or with you, they’ll choose you.
  • Collaboration – The competitive mindset must be replaced with one of collaboration. There are more and more examples and discussion of how so many organizations are doing the same work in the world. The nonprofit arena is becoming diluted because too many do similar work. Therefore, collaboration will be one of the most vital strategies for survival and the path to more opportunities for the nonprofit industry. Collaboration also gives access to larger communities that weren’t previously available. Create a plan ASAP to figure out both vertical (similar organizations) and horizontal (organizations not similar, as well as looking outside of the industry to collaborations with for profits) collaboration opportunities.
To learn the other two Cs and the bonus C check out the Mindful Fundraising Resource Guide & Workbook.
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