The Lullaby Project

Mailing Address: 7 Jesus Gonzales Road, Glorieta, NM 87535
County of Location: Santa Fe
Phone: (505) 757-6021
NTEE Code: B- Education, V- Social Science Research Institutes
Mission Statement:

To record and preserve the lullabies of the world for historical preservation and use in therapy for autistic children, Alzheimer's patients and special needs individuals.

Primary Programs:

We come to the singer to record their lullabies and the stories behind them. Then we gift the family with a recording of their song so it can remain with the family forever. We gift CD's of lullabies to hospitals and other groups that provide services for Alzheimer's, autistic, and special needs individuals.

Populations Served: All Populations
Counties Served: International
Year Founded:


Annual Budget: $24,999 or less
Personnel: All Volunteer
Accepts inquiries: Accepts inquiries about volunteering, Accepts inquiries about board member positions
Nonprofit Status: Has 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS, Is registered as a Nonprofit Corporation with the State of New Mexico

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