Using APIs to Speed Web & Mobile App Development

Wednesday, January 27, 2022 - 12:00pm
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These days, the ability to move quickly to address needs and seize opportunities is paramount for nonprofits. While it used to take extensive time and deep expertise to build, host, and deploy new web or mobile applications, now one can respond much more quickly, in large part thanks to the growth in APIs.

APIs allow developers to easily and inexpensively use services in their applications—such as mapping and telecommunications—that were very difficult to incorporate ten years ago. In this webinar, experts from Twilio’s community will talk about how APIs have changed the world of web and mobile development for the better, how a communications API can help your organization, and how one nonprofit used the Twilio API to build an SMS application that enhanced its ability to fulfill its mission and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  • Learn about the tools available today that make integrating web and mobile applications for your organization much easier than you think
  • Understand how APIs work to enhance the power of a web application
  • See specific examples of communications-powered web applications that help nonprofits raise money, streamline processes, and advance their missions

Cost: $30 for Members; $60 for Non-members

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