Policy Samples

It's possible to find a number of samples by doing an internet search.  Please note, the three policies that are referred to on the IRS Form 990 (Part VI, Section B) are Conflict of Interest, Document Retention and Destruction, and Whistleblower Protection.

Here are some resources that we have found:

Board Source sells The Nonprofit Policy Sampler which includes a large number of sample policies and other sample documents.  It is a book with CD.

Charities Review Council has a number of sample documents and policies, including:
Conflict of Interest Policy
Discontinue Contact Policy
Document Retention Policy
Travel Expense Policy
Whistleblower Policy

Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest Policy and Statement from National Council of Nonprofits 
IRS Sample

Record Retention and Destruction Policy
For a discussion of things to consider, go to National Council of Nonprofits
Blue Avocado model
Authenticity Consulting sample
For Donors Forum sample, go to www.donorsforum.org and search Record Retention

Whistleblower Protection Policy
Nonprofit Risk Management Center sample
Authenticity Consulting sample

Gift Acceptance Policy
Nonprofit Risk Management Center sample
CDR Fundraising Group sample

Code of Conduct
Volunteer Power sample

Online Communication Policies
Blogging and Social Media Policy Sample  About.com sample
Internet and Email Policy About.com sample

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