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Description of the Volunteer Opportunity: 

Our diverse growing board would like to add several more passionate people to our board of directors. Our board service is for one-two years. Board service includes regular attendance at monthly board meetings and when committee opportunities arise to be willing to serve. We seek individuals who desire to grow in board roles as well. A candidate for board membership is a person who would like to focus on mental health literacy, well-being, and advocacy for all ages. As a board, we realize that each new member will bring unique abilities. We are looking for board candidates who can offer six of the eight qualities below:
1. Pre-existing passion for the cause
2. Eagerness to participate at every meeting
3. Willing to prepare ahead for meetings
4. Enthusiastic to serve on a working board
5. Ability to raise
6. Strong desire for stewardship to others
7. Supportive, but willing to express their own opinion
8. Strives to learn as much as possible

Areas of Interest: 
Education and Literacy
Great for: 
Who Will Be Impacted Through This Project: 

Breaking the Silence NM encompasses three projects that impact youth in schools, families, and adults who work with youth. There are 3 projects that the board oversees: the BTS-NM school program, that teaches mental illness and suicide awareness. an art initiative called Inside Our Arts and a performance project called Minds Interrupted.

Is This an Ongoing Opportunity?: 
Minimum Age of Volunteers: 
Nonprofit Will Provide: 

Volunteer training in the curriculum as desired - Breaking the Silence NM offers two trainings per year.

Additional Requirements: 

Our monthly board meetings have refreshments and often dinner. There is a family atmosphere along with a deep passion for helping youth deal with mental health issues.

Last Updated: Sep 24 2020
Address of Project Site
4810 Hardware NE #4
New Mexico
Contact Info
(505) 331-8882


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