Due Diligence Done Well: A Tool for Grantmakers (and grantseekers)

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and LaPiana and Associates announces the release of Due Diligence Done Well:  A Tool for Grantmakers. 


Doing due diligence well means striking a balance between obtaining the information you want and need as a grantmaker and not asking for so much that it creates a challenge for nonprofit organizations to comply with your requests. You can use this tool to design an efficient, streamlined process that will allow you to find out more about a potential grantee’s track record, its relationship with the community, its leadership, its programs and outcomes, its finances, and the capacities it brings to its work.


Due Diligence can include assessment of the following area:


Organizational history and track record

Governance and executive leadership

Organizational vision and strategy

Proposed project:  planning, outcomes, and evaluation

Human resources

External communications

Relationships and networks

Financial Health


Grantmakers for Effective Organizations is making this new tool available at no charge as an online download.  Many of the GEO materials are only available for members.


The Due Diligence Tool will also be helpful for nonprofit organizations that submit grant proposals.  Nonprofits can gain more insight into the grantmaking process how funders identify risks, red flags and deal breakers.

 Grantmakers for Effective Organizations:  www.geofunders.org



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