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The Central New Mexico Encore Fellowship Program began in 2012. The Intel Corporation in Rio Rancho provides major sponsorship for the New Mexico program.

Fellows and nonprofit Work Hosts consistently express a high level of satisfaction with the program. 

None of [our program improvements] would have happened without [our Fellow]. Measuring our outcomes and client satisfaction is invaluable!  Now we can plan and build lasting and effective programming. More to come...we are just getting started!

For Fellows, the program provides a unique opportunity to learn about and engage in social purpose work.  

The fellowship has opened up a new world for me. I have seen how important the services provided by nonprofits are to the people of our community. I have also seen how the services have a positive impact on the lives of women and children. It's a nice feeling to be engaged with an organization where what you do has an immediate and long term effect on people who really need a [helping] hand.

Elements of an Encore Fellowship

  • High-impact work – Clearly defined, capacity-building work at a social purpose organization that significantly advances the organization’s mission and impact.
  • Use of skills and experience – Application of professional, operational, process management, management, or executive-level skills and experience to high-value, social purpose work.
  • Compensation – Paid stipend for a prestigious transitional and exploratory work experience, with significant personal meaning.
  • Flexibility and structure – Flexibility and a degree of work autonomy that take into account both organizational needs and individual circumstances.
  • Fellowship length – A Fellowship duration (one year, part time, is recommended) that ensures the Fellow has time to achieve results for the nonprofit and to develop expertise in the social sector.
  • Learning – Integration of the work experience, peer networking, access to outside experts, and resources into a comprehensive learning program that advances the Fellow’s knowledge and enriches the experience in the social sector.
  • Networking – Connections with other Fellows and nonprofit leaders to share learning and increase access to encore career opportunities.
  • Encore pathway – Access to job search information and resources, coaching, and other services to help frame the Fellowship experience and line up expertise with encore career goals.
  • Connections with other Fellows – Opportunities to interact with peers who are also making the transition to encore careers.

Selection Considerations

A discerning process that incorporates Fellow recruitment, selection, and matching involves the Work Host, Program Operator (the Center for Nonprofit Excellence), and Sponsor. Considerations for becoming a Fellow include:

  • Area of expertise – Skills and abilities to advance the work and impact of the nonprofit.
  • Commitment – Demonstrated interest or previous involvement in nonprofit or community work.
  • Adaptability and readiness – Inclination for making the switch from the corporate to nonprofit sector.
  • Suitability and match – Strong fit between the Fellow’s skills and personal goals and the nonprofit’s mission, culture, organizational structure, and staff.  The matches are based on mutual agreement only and a match is not guaranteed.  Intel is not involved in the matching process.
  • Interest in an encore career – Strong interest in pursuing social purpose work beyond the Fellowship.

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