Be a Work Host

Work Hosts, typically nonprofit agencies, create Encore Fellow opportunities for skilled former corporate employees who have significant work experience and a desire to contribute to the greater good, and to learn through hands-on involvement.

Work Host Benefits

Encore Fellowships provide a high value for Work Hosts by bringing experienced, affordable talent to accomplish the work of nonprofits and improve their effectiveness through sustainable capacity building.

  • High-quality results: Fellows bring deep and broad skills that can be deployed in many ways with high-impact, sustainable results. Their assignments have included developing brands and messaging, redesigning human resource systems, designing performance management systems, defining strategies for new ventures, developing new partnerships, leading strategic planning exercises, acting as interim executive directors, and transitioning directly into key management staff positions during or after the Fellowships.
  • Capacity building: Fellows bring far more than an extra pair of hands. They come with new perspectives, deep experience, and specific talents to boost the ability of Work Hosts to do their work and do it well. The Fellows’ impact goes beyond their specific marketing, human resources, strategic planning, or management expertise. Fellows have become role models for other staff members; some Work Hosts have turned to them as executive coaches and mentors. One director likened the value of having a Fellow to winning a “golden ticket of maturity, work ethic, and experience” that expanded his organization’s accomplishments.
  • Transformative contributions: Fellows have proven to be uniquely suited to contribute to organizations during periods of significant growth and change, assisting in launching new initiatives, restructuring, strategic planning, internal assessment, leadership transitions and other kinds of organizational transformation. Beyond specific areas of expertise, their corporate backgrounds and years of experience bring analytical thinking and maturity that strengthen Work Hosts to reach a new level of performance.

Work Host Responsibilities

  • High-impact work: A Work Host identifies work for the Fellow that advances the Work Host’s mission and impact, and responds to high-priority organizational needs. The Statement of Work clearly defines roles, expectations, and milestones, and aligns with the Fellow’s skills and abilities. A Statement of Work process guides the definition of the work and outcomes. It also allows flexibility to incorporate new opportunities and learning during the course of the Fellowship.
  • Leadership and commitment: The Work Host integrates the Fellow into the leadership team, provides a strong working relationship with its executive director, ensures organizational buy-in, and commits personnel and resources.
  • Fellow selection and support: The Work Host participates in the Fellow selection process to ensure a good fit and provides support throughout the Fellowship.
  • Structure and flexibility: Together, the Work Host and Fellow determine a work schedule that ensures the Fellow has time to achieve results for the nonprofit and develop expertise in the social sector. The ideal Fellowship is a yearlong and part time (1,000 hour), with flexibility to accommodate the needs and circumstances of the Fellow and the Work Host.
  • Financial support: The Work Host typically contributes to the Fellow’s compensation, reinforcing the value of the Fellow to the Work Host. In some cases the cost of the Fellowship is completely covered by the Fellow's employer or other sponsors, in which case nonprofits pay approximately $2,000 per Fellowship (employee taxes) and the Fellow’s stipend of $25,000 is paid by the company or sponsor. In some cases, the nonprofit will pay half of the Fellowship while the Fellow's company or other sponsors will pay the other half.

Ready To Be a Nonprofit Work Host?

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