Achieve Your Vision: From Strategic Planning to Strategic Leading


Leading a nonprofit organization requires many skills but foremost among them is the ability -- through rigorous strategic planning and leadership -- to articulate a clear and compelling vision and to systematically organize people and resources to realize that vision. This workshop is applicable to nonprofit leaders and reviews key principles and practices of strategic planning, providing an overview of the process and sharing tools and techniques that can be used at each stage. This timely workshop will help with re-building and retweaking an existing strategic plan, or developing a new plan, to guide your organization out of this unique pandemic time period. The workshop will also provide strategies and guidance for nonprofit leaders to ensure that strategic plans become living documents in their organizations, through alignment with existing structures and processes, frequent communication, and effective continuous improvement systems and practices.


Key Learning Objectives

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Leading


Level:  All levels


Presenter:  Dr. Angelo Gonzales


Dr. Angelo Gonzales is a seasoned change agent, helping communities achieve better outcomes for children and families. He has spent his career working at the intersection of education, government, and nonprofit organizations, bringing data, research, and community voice to bear on many communities’ most pressing social and educational challenges. In his current consulting business, he helps organizations develop the capacity to achieve better outcomes for children and families through a comprehensive suite of consulting services that includes strategic planning, organizational development, public policy strategy and analysis, and applied social policy research.

September 23, 2021 9:00 AM through 12:00 PM
Registration $ 60.00

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