Building Personal Resilience Through Self-Care

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Thursday, November 14, 2019 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm
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National Center for Frontier Communities
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Stress is everywhere and touches everyone everyday and changes our lives in very real ways from the way our DNA functions and our relationships to how well our bodies work, how out organizations work, and our financial well-being. Self-care is crucial to preventing burnout, compassion fatigue, and to heal the wounds of childhood trauma. In this workshop we will discuss how to develop a personal resilience and self-care practice. We will learn some techniques for settling our nervous systems, building our personal internal capacity, and developing an emergency and long-term self-care plan.

Facilitator: Dr. Stacey Cox, Principal, Consultant and Coach at StaceyCoxConsulting

Stacey Cox, PhD is a psychologist, coach, and consultant for a variety of non-profit organizations. She specializes in burnout prevention and recovery, resilience, and adults living with the remnants of childhood trauma. As a CEO in the non-profit sector for 20 years, Stacey experienced physical burnout and as she healed she became interested in studying burnout and burnout recovery. Eventually she came to realize that childhood trauma (a high ACE Score) was a predictor of her own workaholism as well as addictions and adult health, in general. Once someone who thought of self-care as secondary, Stacey now sees it as the only way to off-set the possible physical and mental health outcomes of childhood abuse and neglect.


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