Learning Lab: Building Capacity for Systemic Social and Organizational Change

Start Date and Time: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 2:00pm to 5:00pm
Organization Name: 
Santa Fe Community Foundation

There is a growing reality that communities and their leaders are being asked to address increasingly complex social challenges and issues yet frequently lack the systemic understanding, skills and abilities needed to respond in effective and humane ways. 

A systems orientation enables us to see the whole instead of just the parts of any problem, situation, or organization. When we look at issues systemically, we recognize the need for greater collaboration to address them. This session will provide an opportunity to gain insight into more systemic, collaborative approaches to social and organizational change. Participants will engage in various exercises and discussions to gain insight into new thinking, knowledge and skills needed to build capacity within and across organizations and communities to systemically address social issues. A self-assessment instrument will be used to enable participants to gain insight into the specific areas of development needed to support their ability to engage in effective collaboration. The exercises used in the class can serve as resources participants take away to support them in building capacity in their organizations.

Who should attend?
Board members, agency leaders, staff, and funders.

Nancy Southern, Ed.D is an educator and consultant whose work is focused on creating cultures of collaboration in public, private, and non-profit organizations and local communities. She works with senior and mid-management teams to help them understand the systemic factors that inhibit and support needed change, including changes needed to beliefs and assumptions people hold individually and collectively, patterns of action, and supporting structures that enable culture change and effective collaboration.

Thom Allena, Ph.D. is a community and organizational psychologist and the Managing Partner of Thom Allena Associates, a firm that provides community engagement, training, coaching, planning and technical support to leaders, groups, teams, organizations and communities across the country and is known for its collaborative approaches to organizational transformation, strategic planning, leadership development, conflict transformation, change management, community & restorative justice.

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