Learning Lab: Successful Sponsorships for Small to Midsize Nonprofits

Start Date and Time: 
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 8:30am to 10:30am
Organization Name: 
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Event Topic: 

Have you noticed how some nonprofits have many business sponsorships displayed on their website and at events? 
Do you wish you had more access to those dollars but don’t know where to begin?

This will be a highly interactive workshop where each participant will have an opportunity to produce a draft of a Business Sponsorship Proposal for your non-profit and practice pitching your organization for a business partnership. Topics will include:

  • Prospecting;
  • Developing your “business value proposition”;
  • Making it a real business partnership;
  • Skills and Mistakes;
  • Tax issues;
  • Fulfillment of the Agreement;
  • Relationships and Leveraging sponsorships.

*Bring your mission statement, promotional materials and information about your supporters – who they are and how many - for your use at the workshop. 

Who should attend?
Executive Directors, Development Staff, and Board Members working on sponsorhips.

Irene Webb is a former literary and film agent in NY and LA, where she marketed and sold books in the publishing and film industries for over 25 years. Webb’s experience in sales and raising funds - along with her love of doing good work with good people - has led her to a second career in the non-profit fundraising world.  She has been a fundraising consultant to non-profits in a wide variety of arenas in Santa Fe New Mexico and nationally for the past 10 years, pursuing her lifelong passion for social and economic justice, love of animals and desire for equal rights. 


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501 Halona St.
Santa Fe
New Mexico

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