Con Alma Health Foundation

Con Alma Health Foundation has a commitment to community involvement, collaboration, and partnership. They value nonprofit capacity building and are investing in the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. Financial support from Con Alma will support the development of the New Mexico Nonprofit Directory. Resources will be dedicated to supporting the inclusion of health related and rural nonprofit organizations.

The New Mexico Nonprofit Directory is a free, online, searchable database of nonprofits in New Mexico that provides detailed information to nonprofits, grantmakers, donors and volunteers. Nonprofit staff and leadership volunteers will be able to utilize the Directory to connect with others to increase visibility, initiate new collaborations, and network with peers.

The New Mexico Nonprofit Directory can be found on the Center for Nonprofit Excellence website.

Con Alma Health Foundation is aware of and responds to the health rights and needs of culturally and demographically diverse peoples and communities of New Mexico. Con Alma seeks to improve the health status and access to health care services for all New Mexicans and will advocate for a health policy which will address the health needs of all New Mexicans. Con Alma respects and responds to the values and experiences of all peoples and communities in New Mexico.

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