Impact Funding

The following Funds were established by Impactful Collaboratives.  Each Collaborative attracted multiple funders, wide range collaboration and backbone support.  Please contact NMAG staff and or click the link associated with each fund below if your foundation is interested in funding any of these funds:

NM Native American Recovery Fund.  This fund is designed to support systemic, infrastructure and long-term recovery needs for Native Communities in New Mexico.  It is a result of Zone Grant Collaborative committed to enhancing funder collaboration targeting Native communities in New Mexico. For more information about the NM Native American Recovery Fund contact JoAnn Melchor at [email protected]

New Mexico Broadband Projects Fund.   This fund provides philanthropic support for projects aligned with providing access to broadband in “hard to connect communities” in New Mexico.  With special attention to Native, immigrant and rural populations, this fund supports projects that are not funded by state or federal funds.  The fund works in conjunction with the NM Broadband Collective.  For more information regarding this fund, please contact Danielle LaJoie, at [email protected]

NM Broadband Grantwriter and Provider Fund.  This fund is intended to enhance New Mexico’s capacity to apply for state and federal funds.  The purpose of this fund is to pay for grant writer training and services in applying for federal funds.  It will also support payment for assistance with expert providers who can assist nonprofits with completing federal applications for federal funds, such as the PPP application.  For more information regarding this fund, please contact Jackie Miramontes at [email protected]

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