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"Project Awareness" Event - April 13th

Apr 1 2015

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SHARE New Mexico and the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce are proud to announce Project Awareness, a Leadership Albuquerque project aimed at creating awareness and volunteerism for nonprofits, through video.

Join us for this free reception this... Read Article

Your Nonprofit’s Complete Guide to the Cloud

Feb 10 2015

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Over the last decade, Cloud computing has become synonymous with computing. Internet users for over ten years have utilized the internet and the cloud together to make their work more efficient, sometimes without even realizing it.

Despite the cloud’s ubiquity, questions remain about how it works, how it directly benefits nonprofits, and how to... Read Article

Online Mobilization & Fundraising for 2015

Jan 13 2015

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Upleaf is pleased to offer a four-part training series to help nonprofits get a solid start on 2015! 

Hosted by the Colorado Nonprofit Association, you can participate... Read Article

Help Older Adults and Veterans Learn and Reconnect with Family and Friends

Jan 5 2015

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With support, older adults and veterans can receive free technical assistance to help reconnect them with loved ones.  Technocademy, a nonprofit organization started by a high school freshman in Atlanta, helps senior citizens and veterans connect with their family and friends by offering free technology lessons throughout the... Read Article

Six Steps to Select Software on a Shoestring

Nov 26 2014

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Traditional software selection techniques can be complicated and time-consuming. Few technology professionals would use extensive selection processes to pick a small software utility. Here’s a simplified six-step process that can help when you just need to make a simple choice quickly.

1. Quickly define your top needs

Make sure you know what... Read Article

New Fundraising Study Provides Insights on Effective Technology Use

Nov 14 2014

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Fundraisers today face an amazing array of choices when it comes to technology.   There are software suites for coordinating outreach.  There are continuous innovations in web communication channels and social media.  There are even novel ways to accept donations in the form of bitcoin and other digital currencies.  ... Read Article

Mobile Matters. Here's What to Do.

Oct 1 2014

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The web has become increasingly mobile, and that has major implications for everything you do online. 

All of your content, like Chinese take-out, should now be packaged "to go."

What does that mean?

Visual. All of your content should be more visual... Read Article
Library of Congress

Upleaf Launches Nonprofit Resource Library

Jul 30 2014

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In the spirit of other grand and distinguished libraries (Alexandria, the Library of Congress, um... and some others), Upleaf is pleased to unveil its Nonprofit Resources library!

Not one drop of ink, nor one sheet of paper adulterates this excruciatingly modern library, as it is all online.

Herein you will... Read Article

What Happens at a Major Donor Visit?

Jun 4 2014

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1. Welcome and Hello
-Chit chat with donor

2. Review the agenda and check how long you have

3. Tell your story
-How and why did you... Read Article

Idealware Releases the 2014 Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits

May 16 2014

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Idealware is an excellent resource for everything related to software. They provide training, articles and reports comparing the merits, challenges and costs of various types of software. They recently released the 2014 Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits. It's a smart investment for any nonprofit considering purchasing, upgrading or changing software.

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