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Share Your CNPE Success Story

Oct 30 2019

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The Center for Nonprofit Excellence works to strengthen the capabilities and capacity of New Mexico nonprofits so they can more effectively meet their missions. Through our trainings and other nonprofit resources, our goal is to help nonprofits achieve more and have a positive impact on... Read Article

Four Reasons Every Teen Should Volunteer

Oct 25 2019

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Volunteering is often thought of as a selfless act — one where you give up your time for a worthy cause without being paid. While this may be true, what is often less obvious are the many benefits people experience when they volunteer.

For teens especially, volunteer work can help them broaden their horizons, meet new friends, experience... Read Article

How to Empower Youth Volunteers

Oct 1 2019

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Today’s participation climate is flooded with volunteer opportunities for youth. They can join various campus and community clubs or councils tasked with raising awareness, conducting advocacy, or fundraising for large pockets of vulnerable populations around the world.

Popular examples of organizations engaging large groups of youth in this type... Read Article

Join the Team of CNPE Trainers

Sep 26 2019

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We're Looking for Our 2020... Read Article

Six Tips for Hosting Youth Volunteers

Sep 3 2019

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Youth volunteers can be a great way to boost the energy of an organization — and get a lot done. Youth can provide enthusiasm and excitement while contributing in a large way to the organization’s mission. The youth also benefit by learning new skills, meeting new people, and of course earning those all-important volunteer hours that are now essential... Read Article

CNPE Training Addresses Volunteer Recruitment Strategies

Aug 30 2019

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Local nonprofits gathered Wednesday, August 28th at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNPE), United Way of Central New Mexico to discuss volunteer management best practices including how to create volunteer position descriptions and volunteer recruitment strategies.

The Volunteer Management Roundtable, facilitated by Kira Luna, education... Read Article

Finding Joy by Helping Kids

Jun 12 2019

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At 75, Beverly Wilson has experienced significant life and health changes in the last 5 years and began to realize that she was becoming isolated and, often, lonely. Through a serendipitous serious of events, Beverly saw a half-page ad in the Oasis catalog about a tutoring program and, later, received an enticing email about the... Read Article

Albuquerque Hosts 2019 National Senior Games

Apr 15 2019

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Albuquerque will host the 2019 National Senior Games presented by Humana. Over 12,000 athletes, plus an additional 20,000 visitors, will come to Albuquerque June 14-25, 2019. Every state in the U.S. will be represented, along with athletes from Mexico, Canada, Barbados, Bolivia, Spain, Sweden and more!

In order to run the Games, we need 3,500... Read Article

Volunteer Finds a Lifelong Passion for Dance Education

Mar 14 2019

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A Family Appreciation for the Arts is Born

Keshet Dance and Center for the Arts is deeply rooted and committed to making dance and the arts available to anyone and everyone, regardless of ability, experience, age or income. Our mission is to inspire and unite community by fostering unlimited possibilities through dance, mentorship and a creative space... Read Article

Nominate a Volunteer for the Mayor's Day of Recognition

Nominate a Volunteer for the Mayor's Day of Recognition

Feb 21 2019

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Recognize Your Indispensable Volunteers!

Each year, thousands of volunteers work to make The Land of Enchantment a brighter place. Mayor Keller and the City of Albuquerque want to recognize volunteers dedicated to our community!

We’re looking for Albuquerque residents who take pride in their community and city. This year we’re giving out #... Read Article


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