Albuquerque Mayor Berry Re-Opens MOVE

Albuquerque Mayor Richard J. Berry recently appointed Brent Eastwood as the new Coordinator for  MOVE (Mayor's Office of Volunteerism & Engagement).

MOVE provides leadership, resources, and creative programs to mobilize support, connect volunteers, and assist organizations in building capacity to enhance quality of life in Albuquerque. The office promotes and supports effective volunteerism, serves as a resource and coordination center for volunteers, and works as a catalyst in building coalitions and community partnerships.

MOVE will also help provide volunteers for City-operated programs and facilities such as parks, libraries, the museum, animal services, seniors, the zoo, the aquarium, family and community services, police, corrections, and parks & recreation (open space and outdoor recreation).

Visit the MOVE website at  Brent Eastwood can be reached at 505 768 3011.

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