A Community Driven State Service Plan

The New Mexico Commission for Community Volunteerism (NMCCV), housed in the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions, is directed by a Governor-appointed Board comprised of sixteen community leaders from across the state and operated by a small staff of four. The NMCCV manages the state AmeriCorps program and funds from the federal Corporation for National and Community Service’s. AmeriCorps is sometimes referred to as the “Domestic Peace Corps.”

Currently the NMCCV is in the process of developing a new State Service Plan which last lasts three years and is updated annually. It is required that the development process be an open and public one. In order to ensure proper process and procedure, the NMCCV is seeking input from nonprofit directors, staff and community members throughout the state.

Please take their short survey

Regional community outreach meetings across the state will also be held with the intention of keeping this process community driven. The survey takes just a few minutes and will contribute greatly to the new AmeriCorps State Service Plan.  If you have any questions please contact Logan Rice at [email protected].

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