Fellowship Opportunity for Young Nonprofit Professionals

Fellowship Opportunity for Young Nonprofit Professionals

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) is accepting applications for the Launchpad Fellowship program through December 16. There are five fellowship opportunities including:

YNPN believes in doing their part to develop the nonprofit talent necessary for building a just and equitable world. So they have developed the YNPN Launchpad Fellows program as a way for talented folks who are interested in building their skills and experience in a very specific area to lend their time and talents to a fast-growing, dynamic organization.

What does the Fellowship Look like?

  • 10 month fellowship - February 2019 through November 2019
  • 10 hours per week
  • Monthly professional development and networking opportunities
  • Twice monthly one-on-one check-ins with your YNPN staff manager
  • Monthly Launchpad Team meeting
  • In-person Launchpad Team retreat
  • Participation in the 2019 YNPN National Conference and Leaders Institute (Summer 2019) 

What are the benefits of being a Launchpad Fellow?

  • The opportunity to gain deep experience in an area where you may have tons of passion and even skill, just not a lot of formal experience
  • An official title to mark your experience that could launch you down a new career path
  • Unique opportunity to co-create a role and develop mission critical new systems within a rapidly growing organization
  • At least one in-person retreat with your fellow Fellows and our dynamic board and staff plus covered participation in our annual conference (Summer 2019)
  • Access to YNPN trainings, resources, and contacts
  • Expert management and supervision that includes regular reviews and recommendations post-Launchpad
  • A cash stipend of $2,500

What is YNPN looking for in a Launchpad Fellow?

  • A commitment to social justice and an understanding of the importance of equipping a deep, diverse bench of nonprofit workers with the skills and networks they’ll need to make an impact
  • Ability to balance idea generation with execution
  • Demonstrated interest in the areas noted in the job descriptions (gained via formal or informal experience)
  • Enthusiasm for working with a nimble, startup-esque organization that has a developing infrastructure
  • Willingness to not just “do” but also help us to develop systems and make our work sustainable after your fellowship

Can I live anywhere in the US and still be a Launchpad Fellow?

  • Yes! The YNPN staff is based in Portland, Oregon but they know there’s great talent everywhere. YNPN National has been operating virtually since it’s founding in 2004 so they have developed a knack for building strong relationships and getting things done long-distance. So candidates from all over the continental United States are encouraged to apply!

YNPN encourages all those interested to apply, including candidates reflecting the following attributes:

  • current or former YNPN chapter leaders and members
  • people of color
  • men
  • young professionals between the ages of 22 and 28*
  • those living in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest or South (including Florida)
  • smart people with non-linear/non-traditional experience and educational backgrounds

* Just to be clear, there’s no age limit for applicants. YNPN simply wants to encourage younger professionals and members of the other groups listed to feel welcome to apply.


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