Find New Life in Your Nonprofit & Start Thriving!

Passion for the mission infuses every aspect of a thriving nonprofit organization. And funding often follows passion. During my 40 year nonprofit career, I have seen that there are really only two types of nonprofits: those that succeed and those that struggle. There isn’t much in between. 

What differentiates successful nonprofits from those that struggle?  I've heard Executive Directors say countless times about their struggling organziations, "it’s my Board, they just won’t go out and raise money" or "it’s my Staff, they keep leaving and I simply can’t get enough consistency in program delivery" or "the community is fickle and they have just moved on to the new flavor of the day."

Yes, those reasons are valid, but they are only symptoms of the core problem: nonprofits that struggle generally have lost the passion that once infused their mission. It is passion that is the fire that burns in the heart of zealous Board members, diligent Staff, and excites the community.

Can the passion that once infused a nonprofit organizations’ mission be reignited? Absolutely: yes it can. But not without leadership soul-searching. And not without a genuine willingness to look at every aspect of the organization to see what steps must be taken to bring that passion back to life.

On March 19, 2015 at the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, I am presenting a training geared toward Executive Directors and key leaders called, Revitalizing Your Organization’s Purpose: Staying RelevantTogether we will: 

  1. Review your organization's purpose
  2. Discover how to assess the strength of the passion for your mission in your board, staff and the community
  3. Develop an action plan to reinvigorate the passion in your organization's purpose and mission

Please join me, and let’s work together to explore the passion that keeps your organization fired up!

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