Hands Across Time NM Seeks Collaborative Partners

Stability for Families in Crisis.

In the fall of 2018, Hands Across Time New Mexico (HATNM) is planning the implementation of a ‘Home Sharing’ program modeled after the California based HIP Housing program. Home Sharing is a living arrangement among two or more unrelated people. Home owners or renters (Home Providers) who have a residence with one or more bedrooms are matched with persons seeking housing (Home Seekers).
HATNM's intention with this programming is to begin addressing the housing, stability, social and financial needs of our target populations while pursuing the development of our first intergenerational community site. Our goal is be to recruit 5 additional Home Providers (elders) in 2018 and to pair them with 5 to 15 Home Seekers (kinship caregivers and youths in foster care/young adults who have aged out of care).
As a part of this program, HATNM will collaborate with other organizations for financial education and life skills training, as well as with managed care organizations for any case management/care coordination needs. We hope that in implementing this program, we will be able to begin addressing the needs of our target populations while we move forward with the development of our residential community. 

Hands Across Time New Mexico proposes to improve the quality of life in our community and help families in crisis create stability, permanence and security by building an intergenerational, intentional neighboring community for low income seniors, foster/adoptive families housing 3 to 4 foster/adoptive children/youths (priority given to ‘kinship caregivers’ and sibling group placements) and transitioning/’aged out’ emancipated young adults.

As a part of our commitment to being financially self-sufficient, HATNM will also provide market rate housing for non-income qualified seniors, and families with adult children who are differently abled and unable to live independently. The community will be staffed by a small team dedicated to using intentional and unintentional neighboring concepts, networking and multiple forms of intervention.
The first HATNM community will be a unique village in New Mexico and is expected to be a model for others to follow. Hand Across Time NM will work to assure that outcomes for foster/adoptive children, kinship care families, elders and differently abled adults, exceed conventional/standards of care outcomes. Prioritizing family unity through kinship caregiving and sibling group placements will ensure that the stability of families experiencing CYFD involvement. In addition, Hands Across Time NM will help assure seniors and differently abled adults, feel positive about the role they are playing in the community
If your organization is interested in scheduling a meeting to discuss a collaboration with Hands Across Time NM, please email [email protected]

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