How Do You Give Back?

Thousands of nonprofits in New Mexico 

Each has a unique vision for the community in which they serve.  Many organziations in our state are very small, with few staff members and little funding. Most, both large and small, rely on volunteers to support both day to day work and special projects. Volunteers contribute their time in multiple arenas, such as fundraising, special events, marketing, project management, strategic planning, IT support and legal guidance. 

So the question for you is, how do you give back?

Pro bono publico

Literally translated, pro bono publico or pro bono for short, means "for the public good".  Often associated with legal work, doing something pro bono simply means free public service work.   

Do you have a skill that you want to offer pro bono?  Maybe it is a professional business skill.  Perhaps a professional trade or skilled labor work.  Maybe it is simply your time - and you want to put it where it is most needed.

Whatever you are good at or like to do, why not offer your skill or time to a nonprofit?  List your available service or time under Pro Bono Services!

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