Introducing Our Giving Space™ for New Mexico Nonprofits!

Introducing Our Giving Space for New Mexico Nonprofits!

Introducing Our Giving Space™, a fresh way to encourage and increase donations for New Mexico nonprofits!

Tap into the power of social giving and let us help kick start your 2019 fundraising efforts with Our Giving Space! Joy, our likable AI-powered chatbot, creates a personalized giving experience for each donor. Joy becomes an extension of your development team, telling your organization's story and engaging with donors 24/7/365.

Learn how your nonprofit can take advantage of our limited-time offers by visiting or contacting the Our Giving Space team at [email protected]. Nonprofit organizations in New Mexico are invited to take advantage of a free trial period*, after which you will be asked to sign a contract for the service but will have an option to opt out.

We can work with budgets of any size!

*Free trial period begins the day of signup and ends 60 calendar days later.

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