New Research Study on the Leadership of Nonprofit Boards

Take the Nonprofit Board Leadership Survey.

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management announces phase two of their ground-breaking study on nonprofit board leadership. This phase focuses on the composition and roles of committees and officers. 

Are you currently serving as a board officer or committee chair? Take this survey and share about the ways leaders in your nonprofit board perceive and prepare for their role and the ways they may share leadership. There is little research or evidence about the ways board chairs, vice chairs, chair-elects, committee chairs, or other individuals who take-on leadership positions within the board are readied for their roles, how they define their roles and how they may share their responsibilities.

This international survey will provide important insights about these topics from people who are currently serving in nonprofit board leadership positions.

Specific topics this survey will inform:

  • What are the ways that boards use vice chairs, chair-elects, committee chairs, and co-chairs to provide leadership?
  • What are the roles that vice chairs or chair-elects take-on both within and outside the board, and how meaningful is this work?
  • What is the expectation that vice chairs/chair-elects and committee chairs play in the succession to the board chair?
  • How are board officers and committee chairs selected and prepared for their roles?
  • If and how do those in leadership positions share their roles?
  • Are board chairs expected to take on too extensive a role?
  • To what extent does diversity and inclusion influence the selection and succession planning of chairs and other leaders?

The survey can be completed in about 15-20 minutes. Your thoughtful answers are greatly appreciated.

The study is being conducted by the Governance Affinity Group of the Alliance for Nonprofit Management with the goal to develop insights that can be supportive of those who serve in nonprofit board leadership positions.


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