#NextGenDonors: Respecting Legacy, Revolutionizing Philanthropy

Who Are the Next Generations of Major Donors?

The next generations of major philanthropists, those who fit into “Gen X” (born 1964-1980) or “Gen Y/Millennial” (born 1981-2000) generational cohorts, will have tremendous influence on the direction of and support for efforts to improve local communities and solve global problems over the next several decades.

Considering how much of our future is in their hands, we have set out to understand how next gen major donors think about philanthropy, what and how they want to learn about it, and how and with whom they want to be engaged in philanthropy. We need to know even more, but we hope this report offers a good starting place.

What will the major donors of our current era of signicant philanthropic change look like? What kind of philanthropists will they be or become?

This research seeks to understand who these next gen donors are and how they think. It aims to:

  • Reflect back to these donors what we hear them saying about themselves in order to help them become more proactive donors, stewards, grantmakers, and agents of social change;
  • Encourage and inform conversations among multiple generations involved in philanthropy today and in the future;
  • Help those who seek to engage and assist these next gen donors to do so in more eective and productive ways, to inspire them and help them make change.

This report is based on first-of-its kind data, listening to members of the next generations of major donors, ages 21 to 40, in their own voices. A national online survey (310 total responses) and indepth interviews (30 total) have revealed the following key findings:

  1. Driven by Values, Not Valuables
  2. Impact First
  3. Time, Talent, Treasure, and Ties
  4. Crafting Their Philanthropic Identities

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Sharna GoldsekerManaging Director, 21/64 and Michael Moody, Frey Foundation Chair for Family Foundations and Philanthropy, Johnson Center for Philanthropy

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