The Value of Nonprofit Capacity Building in New Mexico

Improving Capacity Services Across the State.

New Mexico funders have a vested interest in ensuring that the statewide nonprofit sector has the information, support and resources required to operate in an efficient and effective manner to meet the needs of the people and communities they serve. Nonprofits also need to be able to access those services and resources for local capacity building to improve their performance and impact.

Capacity building services can be organized most efficiently through a coordinated system or network of infrastructure support organizations, but the need, quality, value and distribution of those services in New Mexico are not clear.

As the number of New Mexico nonprofit organizations has grown over the past decade, there is a need for more information and data on the impact of, and ongoing needs for, capacity-building in the sector. Funders and other stakeholders would like to know where and how improvements in capacity building funding can be made if we want a stronger more resilient nonprofit sector.

The Capacity Building Funder Group

The nonprofit capacity building landscape analysis is a project of the Capacity Building Funders Group, a group of 17 foundations that invest in capacity building for nonprofit organizations in New Mexico.

The outcome of this work will help to unite funders, nonprofits and capacity building providers and coordinate efforts for increased nonprofit capacity in New Mexico. The funder coalition would like to accomplish this goal with a clearer understanding of the current capacity building landscape that has been researched and analyzed by an independent and experienced professional(s).

Assessing Nonprofit Capacity Building Infrastructure

To address these concerns and to inform funders and the broader sector, the Capacity Building Funder Group led a planning process for conducting a landscape analysis, an independent study assessment of New Mexico’s statewide nonprofit capacity building infrastructure.

The study will include a literature review, statewide nonprofit capacity building needs and resource assessment, with recommendations for approaches to support access to a stronger network of high quality capacity building services.

In addition to statewide nonprofit associations, academic centers, and funder driven nonprofit resource centers, a number of other innovative and non-traditional models and regional approaches for capacity building have evolved across the U.S, which will also be included in the landscape analysis.

Scope of Work

The funder coalition will form a Nonprofit Landscape Study Steering Committee, who will participate in selecting the consultant and advise on the overall project. The Committee will consist of approximately 10 - 15 leaders from New Mexico grantmakers and non-grantmaking nonprofits, statewide capacity building groups, management support organizations including fiscal sponsors, academia, consultants, and volunteer organizations.
The Committee is seeking a qualified individual, group of professionals or organization who will conduct the landscape analysis and make recommendations for improving the coordination, availability and effective access to high-quality capacity building resources.

Read the Request for Proposals and learn more about the history and funders involved.


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