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Finding an Inclusive Approach to Rejected Volunteers

Reject a Volunteer, Gain an Advocate

Dec 13 2018

Related to: Human Resources, Related to: Volunteer Management

Leverage the power of your volunteer roster by engaging volunteers in true advocacy efforts; if they feel their skills are coveted and important, you will likely gain a more engaged and active group of people to assist in your mission.

Set up the expectation that volunteers are elevated advocates. Make orientation... Read Article

Fellowship Opportunity for Young Nonprofit Professionals

Fellowship Opportunity for Young Nonprofit Professionals

Dec 12 2018

Related to: Communications & Marketing, Related to: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Related to: Fundraising, Related to: Leadership

The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) is accepting applications for the Launchpad Fellowship program through December 16. There are five fellowship opportunities including:

Equity & Inclusion Coordinator Advocacy... Read Article
Survivor Advocate Inspires Confidence and Joy

Survivor Advocate Inspires Confidence and Joy

Dec 7 2018

Frida Padilla serves as a volunteer with Rose Family Advocacy (RFA), a new nonprofit dedicated to assisting victims of domestic violence. While her official title is Bilingual Volunteer Survivor Advocate, she doesn’t let that stop her from going above and beyond her duties to assist the members of RFA. From manning tabling events to refereeing a volleyball tournament, Frida does it all... Read Article

Boost Your Volunteer Engagement: 4 Web Design Tips to Help

Nov 27 2018

Related to: Volunteer Management

Every nonprofit professional knows that an organization’s volunteer base is one of the most valuable resources it has. Your volunteers offer their time and effort, for free, to make sure that your nonprofit can continue supporting its mission.

Your volunteers deserve the world—so how can you make sure that they feel engaged and appreciated while... Read Article

Nonprofit Back Office Resources is now 501(C)PA

Nov 20 2018

Related to: Financial Management, Related to: Human Resources

New Mexico’s Only Nonprofit CPA Firm Undergoes Strategic Rebrand

After nearly a decade of serving New Mexico’s nonprofit community with professional back-office support services, the state’s only nonprofit CPA firm, Nonprofit Back Office Resources, will continue its work under a new brand identity as 501(C)PA. 

... Read Article
Giving & Gratitude Mixer 2018

Giving & Gratitude Mixer 2018

Nov 13 2018

Join us for a special Impact & Coffee as we partner with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network to host speed networking 2018 as part of our annual Giving & Gratitude Mixer. This special networking event will be held on Tuesday, November 20 from 8:30-10:00 a.m. at Spur Line Supply Co., where everyone will have the opportunity to meet and interact with some amazing leaders in... Read Article

Young Nonprofit Professionals Survey

Young Nonprofit Professionals Survey

Nov 9 2018

Related to: Evaluation, Related to: Leadership

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN) has partnered with the University of Nebraska Omaha to undertake a survey that is one of the first of its kind to collect the experiences of young professionals working in the sector. The information collected in this survey will be used by the research team to better understand the trends and... Read Article

Internet Essentials from Comcast

Comcast Internet Essentials Partners With CNPE

Nov 7 2018

Related to: Collaboration, Related to: Communications & Marketing

In partnership with the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, Comcast recently acted as the presenting sponsor in the development of the New Mexico Nonprofit Principles & Practices Guide. CNPE is proud to work with Comcast, whose Internet Essentials program provides affordable internet and low-cost computers to... Read Article

Financial Management from a Leader’s Perspective

Nov 6 2018

Related to: Financial Management, Related to: Leadership

As a nonprofit director, senior manager or board member, it is important to understand the policies, procedures, systems and regulations that are essential to sound financial management. As a nonprofit leader, there is basic information you should know to ask the right questions of those who handle your finances. Here are some... Read Article

Boosting Economic Impact

Boosting the Economic Impact of Nonprofits in Valencia County

Oct 24 2018

Related to: Communications & Marketing, Related to: Evaluation, Related to: Financial Management, Related to: Fundraising

The Grants Collective, in partnership with CNPE and the UNM Evaluation Lab, will present "Boosting the Economic Impact of Nonprofits in Valencia County" on Tuesday, Oct. 30, in Los Lunas. The goal of this event is to build effective training and capacity building... Read Article


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