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Last Days to Apply for a Wellness Fund Grant

May 10 2018

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Improving Maternal & Child Health.

The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico is currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Wellness Fund Grant Program.

The Wellness Fund Grant is a grant program that supports non-profit organizations in their efforts to improve maternal and child health and wellness outcomes in southern New Mexico. Non-... Read Article

Fund For Real Impact

May 4 2018

Related to: Evaluation

You Can't Get Better Unless You Measure.

In this profile of the Mulago Foundation, leaders Kevin Starr and Laura Hattendorf share top lessons learned on their philanthropic journey.

We don't invest in organizations that don't measure impact. They're flying blind and we would be too.

Want more tips from a funder who gets it? You'll... Read Article

New Mexico Nonprofit Financial Outlook Survey

May 1 2018

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The Financial Effects of Legislation on Nonprofits

Over the past two years, state legislators have proposed bills to tax nonprofits. Even with state revenues higher than expected for the coming fiscal year, tax reform is likely to be on the agenda for the 2019 session.

NM Thrives, the state nonprofit association, is... Read Article

Volunteers Are Champions For Your Cause

Apr 30 2018

Related to: Volunteer Management

Appreciate Your Most Valuable Asset.

For many nonprofits, engaged volunteers are the key to growing your organization and mission far beyond the bounds of your marketing budget. Once you’ve done the initial work to attract and retain amazing volunteers, continue to nurture these relationships to encourage them to grow and market your mission.

... Read Article

Tip of the Month: Making a Major Gift Ask

Apr 27 2018

Related to: Fundraising

Emilie De Angelis of Serafina Consulting shares a common blunder when making a major gift ask. Tip: At the time of the ask, trust your instinct!


Implementing Efficient Systems at Your Nonprofit

Apr 24 2018

Related to: Financial Management

Streamline Operations and Reduce Costs.

Spring is a great time to take stock of new opportunities to accomplish your goals, create new benchmarks, and evaluate performance both internally and externally. Amanda Davis of Business Solutions by Design suggests asking these 4 questions to kick start an office that runs at maximum capacity:

... Read Article

CASA Volunteer Mediates for Spanish Speaking Family

Apr 20 2018

Related to: Advocacy

A Family Reunited. When Spanish monolingual parents are at the mercy of an English-only system, CASA volunteers help them navigate a complicated judicial system and reunite with their children.   In a recent case, a family's children were removed from their parents and placed in foster care. The children were traumatized by the separation and the parents... Read Article

United Way Mourns Jennifer Riordan

Apr 17 2018

Related to: Leadership

A Great Loss For Our Community.

The staff and volunteers of United Way of Central New Mexico are deeply saddened by the loss of Jennifer Riordan of Wells Fargo. Jennifer cheerfully championed so many causes in our region and was a real force for good. We have so many wonderful memories of Jennifer’s willingness to connect people to each other and... Read Article

New Mexico's Go-To Resource for Nonprofit Operations & Governance

Apr 17 2018

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Annie... Read Article

Your Nonprofit Needs a Volunteer Handbook

Apr 16 2018

Related to: Volunteer Management

Your Mission Depends on Volunteers.

Volunteers are a valuable asset for any non-profit. Without them, non-profits would be unable to achieve their mission. In 2013, the IRS released a report stating that 85% of nonprofit organizations are run by volunteers and have no paid staff.  Volunteers are responsible for organizing events, raising funds, and... Read Article


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