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The New Mexico Nonprofit Directory is a searchable database to help you learn about nonprofits in the state.

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Organization NTEE Code Mission City
A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

Support underprivileged communities.

B- Education

The Santa Fe Alliance for Science comprises well more than 100 volunteer engineers and scientists working in partnership...

Santa Fe
D- Animal Related

Dedicated to engaging the community to: Provide shelter and comfort to homeless pets;Place adoptable pets into homes where...

B- Education, R- Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, W- Public, Society Benefit

NMFOG is a non-profit organization with a single mission — to help the general public, students, educators, public officials,...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities, B- Education, E- Health Care, T- Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations

The Oasis Albuquerque mission is to promote successful aging through a three-pronged approach: lifelong learning, healthy...

B- Education, P- Human Services, W- Public, Society Benefit

NAPPR empowers, educates and provides supportive services to build healthy Native American children and families.

O- Youth Development

Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Juan County exists to help children reach their potential through professionally supported one...

W- Public, Society Benefit

Working to support sea service members and their families. We do this through a variety of education programs that remind our...

E- Health Care, L- Housing and Shelter

The mission of The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society is to share God's Love in word and deed by providing shelter...

E- Health Care, F- Mental Health, Crisis Intervention, P- Human Services

Centro Sávila (registered as The Sávila Collaborative) is a treatment program devoted to the recovery and healing of...

B- Education, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics

Horizons is a nationally recognized academic enrichment program that addresses the achievement gap and summer learning loss...

E- Health Care

PVMC is dedicated to providing quality, affordable patient care; promoting preventive medicine and healthy lifestyles,...

E- Health Care, Y- Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

The New Mexico Center for Nursing Excellence convenes and facilitates dialogue and action that results in excellence in...

I- Crime, Legal Related, P- Human Services, R- Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy, W- Public, Society Benefit

Equal Access to Justice helps meet the legal needs of low-income New Mexicans by providing financial support to legal aid...

B- Education, J- Employment, Job Related, S- Community Improvement, Capacity Building

SCORE has helped more than 11 million entrepreneurs through mentoring, workshops and educational resources since 1964. We are...

A- Arts, Culture and Humanities

Our mission is to support and encourage talented music students at the University of New Mexico and to develop and cultivate a...

N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, O- Youth Development

Where it is fun to play!

Y- Mutual/Membership Benefit Organizations, Other

NMPRSA provides professional development and networking opportunities to New Mexico public relations professionals. Our...

B- Education, C- Environment, N- Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics, R- Civil Rights, Social Action, Advocacy

It is our mission to increase the number of bicyclists in New Mexico by promoting cycling, providing education, and advocating...

K- Agriculture, Food, Nutrition

The Food Project serves the most vulnerable in the community by providing the entire household a week’s worth of food once...

E- Health Care

To promote healthcare education and research to benefit health care providers and communities in New Mexico.

W- Public, Society Benefit

Our Mission is Simple: To provide handmade masks to the New Mexico community!

santa fe
J- Employment, Job Related, L- Housing and Shelter

The mission of Eagles Unlimited is to provide assistance to those men and women released from correctional facilities in New...

B- Education, D- Animal Related

Four Corners Animal League reduces the population of unwanted cats and dogs through spaying, neutering and our education...

C- Environment

To support the Valles Caldera National Preserve for present and future generations through outreach, education, restoration,...

Jemez Springs